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BHS Interiors & ReDesign offers:  Home Staging Consultations, Vacant Property Staging, Occupied Property Staging, Showcasing, Colour Consultation  and Interior ReDesign and Styling. Please visit our service page for more details.


At BHS Interiors & ReDesign we use a proven home staging system that works!


The INVESTMENT in staging is always less than your first price reduction.



Make Your Best First Impression
From drab to fab let our home staging professionals create that stunning dream home every buyer is looking for. 

Welcome to BHS Interiors & ReDesign Inc.

We understand that you want your home to sell fast and for the best price possible. So why not maximize your property’s potential and put your sale in the hands of an expert?

BHS Interiors & ReDesign will combine attention to detail, design expertise and superior service to ensure that your property is the one that potential buyer’s will remember.



  • Most buyers will purchase a home based on emotion, it's how it makes them feel when they step inside the front door. 
  • Most buyers start making a decision about a prospective home within the first 6 feet of entering it. So you only have one chance to make a good First Impression.
  • Only 10% of buyers can visualize the potential of an un-staged property
  • Home staging can yield a 390% return on your investment.